Jan 7, 2020 5:17:00 PM by: Paul Metzheiser

Making the switch to service revenue is something many integrators know they need to invest into, but seem to be having a tough time with getting it off the ground. A lot of the struggles just have to do with old habits being hard to break. The as-a-service approach is much different than the traditional one-and-done type of selling. That is why in order to make the shift successfully you have to be all in within every aspect of your business.

How a TAMCO Partnership Helps You Make The Pivot

TAMCO gives leadership the blueprint for making the pivot to more of a service company. What that means is a mindset shift that once relied on project-based cash sales for years, to convert to a subscription style of thinking and selling. As mentioned prior, both the challenge and the opportunity is that technology integrators want to embrace this change but are unsure how to proceed or are overwhelmed by the idea. This is why TAMCO has established eight pillars every integrator needs in order to successfully make that change and inspire leadership that it is not only attainable but completely in their control. Breaking it down into these pillars helps integrators fully understand what needs to happen in order to be successful in making the shift.

Those 8 pillars include things like leadership buy-in, support of the services, the overall offering, sales training, compensation and more. With a full understanding of these 8 pillars it will allow integrators to build more recurring revenue and align with the subscription consumption model.

Begin the Pivot 

If you want to learn the tactics and strategy framework to be an agent of change, leverage internal and external resources to make a necessary pivot, and be inspired to build a more sustainable business model that will increase the company’s valuation and prepare for the next recession. Register for an introductory webinar, learn about these 8 pillars, begin your pivot to an as a service model and start building recurring monthly revenue.

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