Aug 2, 2016 10:54:24 AM by: Jill Duran

“Just checking in” has to be the worst subject line and reason for emailing or calling a prospect. It probably goes something like this:

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For the love of sales, knock it off!

Touching base, following up, checking in… remove these from your sales strategy for contacting prospects you haven’t spoken with in a while. Why? What value are you bringing? What part of checking in will make anyone stop what they are doing to engage you in a conversation?

Unless it is your husband, wife, or child, quit “checking in.” No one cares.

So how do you “check in” without saying you are “checking in”? Here are 2 alternatives to being a respected sales professional that prospects enjoy speaking with:

  1. How has (insert pain point) been working for you lately? Instead of playing the victim of remember poor me, who wants your money. Try relating to their struggle. “How has your existing phone solution been working for you lately?” If you had previously spoken about how they are in need of new voice technology, try adding value by relating to their problems. We already live in a cold world where everyone wants every last dollar we have, try being softer in your approach by relating and having them update you on their pain.

  2. “I found these great resources that speak to (insert pain point).” Create value by sharing something that might be of value. Your prospect is sitting on the fence about whether or not, they can afford a new hybrid unified communications solution. How about sending them a blog article that talks about alternative buying options from typical cash purchases like: Lifting The Veil On Your Unified Communications Buying Options

Check out this refurbished “touching base” email that implements these concepts.

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