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West Point Lincoln - Project Overview

In recent years, West Point Lincoln paid cash to buy and own a new state-of-the-art security system for one of their dealerships. However, shortly after, they began to notice problems with the system. Additionally, they ran into issues receiving the necessary support services, and the system became obsolete. Simply put, the system wasn’t addressing all of the dealership's security needs and this was a problem. Therefore, as they grew and began plans for their next location they knew they needed two things addressed.

2 Key Issues Needing To Be Addressed

01. Rectify Shortcomings At Current Location

West Point Lincoln needed help addressing their security system issues at their original location.

02. Implement Solution For New Location

They needed a new security system for their new location, but they needed a different strategy with this installation and implementation so they wouldn’t have a repeat of their first system.

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The Challenge

The GM of West Point Lincoln was faced with this two-part challenge. He needed to address the security obsolescence issues facing the existing dealership while ensuring the new location became equipped with the necessary security technology to protect its staff and assets. Additionally, to avoid being in this situation in the future, West Point Lincoln needed the new system to have the maintenance and support services they lacked on the first system to ensure their security was always operating optimally. And he needed to do it all within a set budget.

The Solution

With their capital in hand, the GM connected with local system integrator professional Guy Savage with Danner’s Security. Once Guy heard the challenges the dealership was facing he knew right away that he could help them achieve all of their goals, provide them with the support they needed, and work within their budget. Guy proposed Danner’s security-as-a-service (SECaaS) monthly payment subscription solution. Under a SECaaS solution West Point Lincoln would be able to upgrade their obsolete system, install the necessary security technology for the new location, receive comprehensive multiyear maintenance and support services for both locations, and have more value and peace of mind with their SECaaS exclusive feature, the Solution Replacement Guarantee (SRG). With the SRG, West Point Lincoln will never find itself owning obsolete technology. The SRG allows them to replace their system if the technology becomes obsolete or no longer meets their needs, without financial penalty, at any time during their subscription term.

"We were grateful to partner with a professional security service provider like Danners who was able to integrate everything we needed to ensure our assets and people were properly protected. By transitioning away from the traditional ownership model and adopting an as-a-service subscription model we are now more protected in the event of service issues and safeguarded from being vulnerable to obsolete security in the future, it was a logical decision based on the direction our business was moving

- General Manager at West Point Lincoln • Houston, TX

The Key Benefits This Security-as-a-Service Solution Provided

• Enhanced Security

SECaaS provided an opportunity for West Point Lincoln to solve all of their pain points. As a complete solution with support services for one monthly payment, they outfitted the new location and updated the old location with state-of-the-art security hardware and features that will best protect their assets and staff, which was always the top priority.

• Comprehensive Support

West Point now has a security partner for years to come. Danner’s was able to provide them with important maintenance and support services which included properly maintaining the infrastructure to ensure it was operating optimally and ongoing monitoring services for constant peace of mind

• Protection Against Obsolescence

West Point Lincoln will never find itself handcuffed to obsolete technology again. Danner’s SECaaS solution covers them with an SRG, ensuring that they can migrate or upgrade to new technology at any time without any financial penalties or rollover balances.

• Budget Flexibility

While West Point Lincoln had a set amount of capital for this project, they would have had to make sacrifices. By positioning everything they needed and more into a monthly subscription payment they saw the capital preservation possibilities and added value from a new point of view when it was proposed as a use-based solution versus a capital expense ownership model.

The Result • Conclusion

West Point successfully addressed all of its security concerns by partnering with Danner's Security and leveraging its exclusive security-as-a-service subscription model. The modernized and integrated security solutions not only bolstered the safety of assets and personnel for both locations but also contributed to smoother operations and cost-effectiveness for the growing automotive enterprise. This collaborative approach between the dealership and the security service provider exemplifies the value of custom-tailored, professionally supported, use-based security solutions in today's dynamic business landscape.


Danner’s Technology-as-a-Service solution is powered by its financial partnership with TAMCO. This TaaS solution provides customers with a use-based monthly payment subscription program that includes technology hardware/infrastructure and multiyear support and maintenance services with more flexibility, control, and peace of mind than any other payment option available. To learn more speak with your certified TAMCO integrator partner or visit www.tamcocorp.com.

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