Aug 10, 2016 12:32:42 PM by: Scott Morgan

6 Key Traits of Successful Sales People You have heard it said that selling is a skill and like any other, the more you work at it and practice, the better you get. Whether you are crushing quota or just getting by, sharpening your sales skills should always be a priority.

Those valuable skills can take many shapes and over the years we have identified six key traits common among your most successful peers. If you are not already, try using these traits in your daily sales grind to hit and exceed your quota!

  1. They Are Chameleons
    They quickly learn to adapt and work with the various individuals and personalities that are involved with each transaction … whether customers, distributors, internal players, or others that may touch their sales in some way.

  2. “No” Means Not Right Now
    Being told “no” can be disheartening to many people whether in personal or professional circumstances.  But to successful sales professionals this simply means an opportunity has yet to take shape.

  3. They Maximize Their Resources
    Any sales role is demanding.  Selling UC solutions, well we don’t need to tell you, but for those who don’t know, it is one of the toughest gigs out there.  Great sales people become super good at leveraging all of their resources … engineers, reference-able customers, billing dept, customer champions, tech support, their manager, their friends, etc…

  4. They Don’t Sell
    They listen.  They understand.  They care.  They collaborate.  They build trust.  They solve.  The sale takes care of itself.

  5. Configance
    Alright, we made up the word but successful sales people really have it … a workable blend of the right type of confidence and arrogance.  They have an infectious aura of positivity.

  6. They Are Driven For More
    Beating quota is not enough … by how much can they beat it?  How can they be better?  How many more customers can they help?  They strive to learn, grow, continuously improve.

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