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Partner with over 27 Years of Experience Helping System Integrators Provide Better Ways For Their Customers to Pay for Technology Solutions

TAMCO is far from just another commodity leasing company. For over 27 years TAMCO has been collaborating with technology equipment vendors, solution integrators, resellers, manufacturers, solution providers, consultants, and more to provide value-added total solutions for all of their client's technology needs. We help partners make the pivot to a service-focused sales model, build as-a-service subscription payment solutions with exclusive features like the Solution Replacement Guarantee, build recurring revenue streams, sell more multiyear support contracts, establish differentiation, provide exclusive value no other competitor can provide, and so much more. 

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Technologies Using As-A-Service

Security, AV, Voice, Video, Data, IoT, Cybersecurity, Storage Devices, Digital Signage, and much more. Our abilities are flexible and we can exercise multiple financial relationships to make your transaction happen. When we were founded in the '90s our main focus was voice solutions, but the technology within every industry is a brand new landscape and we explore new financing opportunities every day.  Learn more »

Who Uses As-A-Service 

Technology is needed in every industry, so we are flexible with our ability to help most organizations today. Healthcare, banking, government/municipalities, manufacturing, legal, education, nonprofit, commercial, retail, hospitality, house of worship, tribal, agriculture, and more.  Learn more »

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Is TAMCO Shield, Technology-as-a-Service The Right Fit For You? 

Today’s technology solutions, while essential, are non-recoverable assets, with half of the bill of materials being non-recoverable costs, and all while becoming obsolete faster than ever before. Anyone with basic financial accounting knowledge will understand, with these reasons alone, why spending large, lump-sums of after-tax dollars to own technology solutions is a poor financial decision for an organization. TAMCO’s Technology-as-a-Service payment program, Shield, provides organizations with access to and use of their solutions as a monthly subscription payment, but with greater flexibility, increased control, and peace of mind. Discover the value and benefits of Shield, Technology as-a-Service.


Technology-as-a-Service | What? Why? How?

Small Municipality Implements Security-as-a-Service to Preserve Capital & Solve Crimes

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