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There are many excellent reasons to lease technology solutions, including the ability to preserve cash, protect business credit lines, manage cash flow, improve balance sheet ratios, gain tax benefits, and enjoy flexible end-of-term options. Interestingly, even when an organization has the capital to buy equipment, a cash purchase is generally not the best payment method to achieve ownership.

TAMCO arms customers with a greater understanding of the value of traditional lease options, as well as innovative leasing alternatives that are exclusive to TAMCO and our partners. This knowledge helps customers make more informed decisions about how to pay for their technology solutions and ensures they are better able to address their true needs, expectations, and goals.

We encourage you to use the many resources below and throughout our website to help you discover the benefits of leasing technology equipment, no matter what type of solution you may be planning to acquire.

Lease vs. Cash

Discover the pitfalls of paying cash versus using a lease option like TAMCO Shield.

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Comparative Analysis

Tax treatment, balance sheet treatment, and time value of money all impact the true cost of each payment option in different ways. With TAMCO's financial comparative analysis you have an apples to apples comparison of traditional lease, TAMCO Shield, and a cash payment.

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Case Studies

Learn from the experience of others. Read case studies and success stories of customers who utilized the value and protection that TAMCO Shield offers.

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Technology Financing Blog

Read articles, partner experiences, customer feedback, and additional information on a variety of topics to gain valuable knowledge about financing telecommunications, unified communications and technology solutions.

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In the News

Read our recent press releases and news articles about TAMCO, our affiliated white label brands, partner programs, and exclusive leasing alternatives.

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