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First, Understand It's a Mindset Shift

Making the switch to service revenue is something many integrators know they need to invest in but seem to be having a tough time with getting it off the ground. A lot of the struggles just have to do with old habits being hard to break. The as-a-service approach is much different from the traditional one-and-done transactional type of selling everyone utilizes today. It’s both a challenge and an opportunity.  Technology integrators want to embrace this change but are unsure how to proceed or are overwhelmed by the idea. What many often neglect to understand is that there is a whole mindset shift that has to take place. The solution sales industry has relied on these traditional project-based cash sales for years, and now they are being asked to convert to a subscription-style of thinking and selling almost overnight. Everything from the type of proposal you submit to the terminology you use is different in your sales approach.

The 8 Pillar Roadmap To As-A-Service Success

After nearly 30 years of helping technology integrators and solution providers in a variety of technology industry sectors, TAMCO has witnessed, that in order for integrators to make the shift to selling technology-as-a-service successfully, they have to be all in within every aspect of their business. Therefore, we developed an 8 pillar roadmap for success. When followed in its entirety will give you the advantage you need to become successful with a service-focused sales model that builds RMR. Whether TAMCO exists or not, all of these eight pillars remain relevant. They must be addressed by an organization in order to sell technology-as-a-service and build RMR successfully. With the right leadership, these pillars are entirely attainable.

These 8 pillars are as follows…

  1. Leadership Commitment
  2. Have a Service Offering
  3. Productize Service Offering
  4. Have a True Technology-as-a-Service Program
  5. Technology as a Service Training
  6. Compensation for Selling Service Offering
  7. Marketing aligned to Sell As-A-Service
  8. Leadership Inspection/Enforcement

Dive deeper into these 8 pillars by downloading this eBook: The System Integrator’s Playbook | How To Make The Pivot To A Service Sales Model & Build Recurring Monthly Revenue.

In this playbook, you will not only learn the details of the eight pillars, including the tactics and what it takes to successfully make the pivot to a service model that builds recurring revenue, but you’ll also discover what is wrong with today’s technology solution sales and gain a new perspective about what as-a-service is and why it is a better model for integrators to sell and customers to pay.

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