Oct 25, 2023 10:53:20 AM by: Jill Duran

Do you have prospect or customer projects patiently sitting on the shelf waiting for their 2024 budgets? Are you running into customers who are in need of strategic technology upgrades, system integrations, or security improvements now, but have nothing left in their 2023 budget? These are fairly common obstacles system integrators navigate at the end of the fiscal year. However, if you are an authorized TAMCO Technology-as-a-Service provider, there is another way. We caution you not to be so quick to hit the pause button and wait for the New Year.

System integrators selling technology-as-a-service subscription solutions (powered by TAMCO) can utilize a 90-day deferral program. This is a helpful sales tool that can unlock these stalled projects. Customers are not billed their first monthly payment until 90 days after installation and 2024 budgets are available. So they love that you can help them get the technology they need installed right now. You make a sale now, get paid now, and create an engaged customer relationship instead of having to start the sales process over again when their new budget arrives.

Let’s explore the benefits of harnessing this approach to help customers overcome end-of-year budget restraints and in turn, boost your end-of-year sales.

How 90-Day Deferral Programs Help Customers

Immediate Access to Technology:

With a 90-day deferral program, clients can access and implement the much-needed technology solutions immediately, even if their budget for the fiscal year is running low. This allows businesses to address critical operational needs promptly.

Budget Allocation Flexibility:

A deferral program allows clients to allocate costs over multiple budget cycles. This flexibility eases the pressure on year-end budgets and provides businesses with greater room to maneuver.

Enhanced Cash Flow Management:

By deferring payments for a few months, companies can better manage their cash flow. This ensures that they can still meet other financial obligations while making essential technology improvements.

Enhancing Value & Building Multiyear Relationships:

In addition to solving customers' budget constraints, they’re also receiving the full power of your technology-as-a-service subscription solution offer. This includes increased flexibility, protection, and control than any other procurement model. Combining the hardware, software, installation, and your comprehensive multiyear maintenance and support services alongside the proprietary benefits of the Solution Replacement Guarantee and natural disaster protection.

Customer Retention and Satisfaction:

Providing solutions that align with clients' budgetary constraints and securing your multiyear maintenance and support services at the point of sale, fosters a long-term, supportive relationship. Satisfied customers are more likely to return for additional solutions, services, and upgrades.

How 90-Day Deferral Benefits System Integrators

The 90-day deferral program used in combination with your technology-as-a-service solution can bring additional lucrative benefits for your organization as well.

  • Close more sales by the end of the quarter/year
  • Receive full payment after installation
  • Secure multiyear support contract at the point of sale
  • Create new recurring monthly revenue (RMR) streams
  • Build a contractual long-term customer relationship


The combination of the 90-day deferral program with a technology-as-a-service solution can be a win-win for both system integrators and their clients. It allows organizations to meet their technology needs without having to wait for their next budget cycle while helping integrators boost their sales and cultivate lasting customer relationships.

Technology system integrators can position themselves as problem solvers, providing not only cutting-edge technology but also the flexibility and support needed to thrive in today's ever-evolving business landscape. So, as end-of-year approaches and projects get placed on hold until next year’s budgets take effect, tap into the power of 90-day deferral and TaaS to get them to the finish line this year.

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