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Historically equipment vendors, regional systems integrators, national managed service providers and any other type of value-added reseller (VAR), managed service provider (MSP), integrators and manufacturers have lived a life of intermittent doses of revenue. And while all of these audiences would love to have a steadier stream to help balance their cash flow, too many are often struggling to do it. But I assure you, after 25 years in this industry, it can be done and it has never been easier with the shift to everything as a service.

Your Prospect’s Demand For As A Service Options

Your prospects are realizing the financial benefit subscription payment models or monthly payment options have on their cash flow. Technology, especially technology equipment, is a rapidly depreciating asset. Therefore, spending large amounts of precious capital on it can be painful for a company. This is where an as a service option fits in. Organizations are preferring to preserve their cash flow to opt for a subscription model on everything they need to operate. This gives them the freedom to spend their capital on assets that can generate actual revenue. So where does recurring revenue come into play?

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How You Can Build Recurring Revenue

As companies become more aware of their need to have balanced cash flow they are demanding monthly payment options on technology solutions. So as a solution provider, you can capitalize on this demand by offering your technology as a service. This includes high margin ticket items like multiyear managed services of maintenance and support. Bundling your support services into this convenient monthly payment makes the entire solution palatable for your prospect. 

How Everyone Benefits

Shifting the way you sell to this model is beneficial for everyone involved. Your customers receive what they need; flexibility and control over their cash flow and needed protection for their technology. And you receive the recurring revenue from the higher margin managed services you are providing.

Ready To Work With The Best?

How are you offering technology equipment as a service? Are you supported by a financial partner that can help you transition to this way new era of technology solution sales? Do you have a financial partner that will bundle in support services into the monthly payment? How do they bring added value to your table? Want to work with the most tenured and knowledgeable financial partner in the technology equipment sales industry? Download our ebook to learn more on how to create recurring revenue.

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