Aug 9, 2018 2:08:31 PM by: Jill Duran

First, TAMCO Shield is a misunderstood financial offer because it is the opposite of conventional procurement options in the market. It is designed so your customers can procure their technology equipment as a service. However, it is unfairly compared and trapped into a conversation about rate and rate comparison.

Shield & Rate Should Not Be In The Same Sentence

When you look at comparing payment methods with rate, you are analyzing an option that is intended for ownership. So many seasoned solution providers have not fully adopted this concept of Shield and selling as a service. Service agreements are never compared using rate.

Focusing a technology solution sale on lowest price and lowest rate picks apart the very things that can add value to the sale like multiyear maintenance. If the sale is price/rate driven a customer sees the multiyear support as an option that can lower the total price. When you remove multiyear support and sell an ownership payment option you lose the recurring revenue opportunity. 

Using Shield To Drive Value & Be Different

However, when you sell Shield as a way for customers to procure technology equipment as a service and you bundle in the multiyear support within your monthly payment service agreement it becomes a cohesive bundle that will benefit both the solution provider and the customer. And then you tack on Shield’s Solution Replacement Guarantee and Act of God coverage you are now offering a solution that is a true differentiator that separates you from your competition.

Beyond selling a service you are now complimenting your value by selling peace of mind and assurance. The combination of the two will differentiate your offering and your company without shining the spotlight on price.

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