What is TAMCO's Technology Buy Back Program?

TAMCO’s Technology Buy Back Program is, quite simply, a buyback program for customers who used cash to purchase their technology systems (AV, security, voice, data, etc.) in the last 6 months. Customers can change from a cash purchase to a TAMCO Shield, technology equipment as a service, monthly payment option.

Why Use Buy Back

» Preserve Capital

The Technology Buy Back Program gives customers an opportunity to procure recently purchased technology with a TAMCO Shield agreement if they were not aware of this option prior. Or if they have better use for that large capital outlay, like for revenue-generating activities.

» Flexibility

When a customer migrates to a Shield agreement it will relieve them from the burdens of ownership of a rapidly advancing, depreciating asset. Shield is a fee for use or equipment as a service monthly payment that provides protection and much more flexibility and freedom than a cash purchase. It is technically and financially the smartest way to pay for technology.

» Protection

Customers who procure their technology with Shield & multiyear maintenance are protected with the highlight benefits, the Solution Replacement Guarantee (SRG), natural disaster protection with Act of God benefit, and full-term service at today’s labor rates without finance fees.

Why TAMCO Shield vs Ownership

The Smart Way to Pay

Technology rapidly depreciates and will forever be evolving. Inevitably you will outgrow your technology, often sooner than expected. And outdated technology suppresses competitiveness and bottlenecks growth. Shield keeps you at the forefront of technology, protects your organization from unforeseen change, and empowers growth. Choosing a subscription payment model like Shield to pay for technology versus ownership is simply a smart way to pay.

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