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TAMCO offers a variety of finance options for voice, data networking, video conferencing, security/surveillance, CCTV, cybersecurity, audiovisual, IoT technologies, digital signage, niche solutions, and/or any other related technology. We have capital expense (CAPEX) lease options and TAMCO Shield, the only equipment as a service operating expense (OPEX) financial program. TAMCO offers competitive rates with traditional lease options as well as exclusive as-a-service monthly payment alternatives that deliver benefits found nowhere else in the market place. 

TAMCO Shield® For Technology Equipment

TAMCO Shield® equipment-as-a-service payment option for your premise based solution future-proofs your technology equipment and ensures that you will always enjoy the best that technology has to offer. Designed as a termed rental, Shield allows for a manageable OPEX monthly payment for your technology needs. 

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TAMCO Shield For Equipment In The Cloud

With the growing trend of technology solutions, like VoIP, moving to the cloud in the form of a subscription service, there is often some frustration on the part of customers with regard to endpoint costs. TAMCO Shield® for cloud solutions provides a logical OPEX monthly payment for those costs and matches the term of the cloud services. 

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$1 Buyout Lease

The $1 Buyout is one of the traditional lease options. It is a program of ownership and therefore a capital expense (CAPEX) lease. From an accounting standpoint, it requires the recording of an asset and the corresponding liability on the balance sheet. The asset will then be depreciated. This program is best suited for customers who prefer to own technology equipment and know that upfront when entering into a lease agreement. 

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Fair Market Value (FMV)

A FMV lease is another type of traditional lease. The monthly payment is typically lower than a $1 Buyout lease because it does not automatically conclude in ownership. The lessee must agree to an additional buyout amount at end of term if ownership is desired at that point. From an accounting view, some FMVs may qualify to be treated as an OPEX lease, but not all will. Consult with your accountant to determine the appropriate accounting treatment of an FMV lease. 

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