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About Jacksonville Children's Chorus

The Jacksonville Children's Chorus (JCC) is a renowned nonprofit organization dedicated to providing exceptional musical education and performance opportunities for talented young singers in the Jacksonville, Florida area. Founded in 1995, the chorus has grown in stature, garnering both local and national acclaim for its performances. In 2023, JCC moved to a new, larger facility to accommodate its expanding membership and ambitious plans to enhance its outreach and impact on young musicians.

The Challenge

Optimizing Modern AV Capabilities To Create Awareness & Make a Bigger Impact

When JCC moved into their new facility in downtown Jacksonville they had major aspirations to improve its audiovisual technology infrastructure. They envisioned incorporating state-of-the-art video capabilities, advanced audio systems, and streaming capabilities to expand their reach, build more awareness, and enrich the experience for their audience and supporters. JCC Business Manager & Development Officer, Katherine Boling, took the lead on the project and brought in system integrator Summer Vyne, with Anuvision Technologies, as the audiovisual technology product matter experts.

Katherine shared two main concerns she had regarding this project:

1. What would JCC do if they implemented a new solution but shortly after discovered it doesn’t have the capabilities to meet all of their needs?

2. How will we address maintenance and technical issues without IT on staff?

The Solution

Support, Flexibility, and Peace of Mind

JCC came to the table with the capital to make a cash purchase. However, instead of putting together a proposal and asking the customer how they would be paying for it, Summer recognized how beneficial a technology-as-a-service (TaaS) subscription solution could be for JCC based on their concerns. It would provide them with the flexibility they wanted and the peace of mind they needed. Not to mention, as a nonprofit, their funding is contingent on donations, therefore TaaS was a way to reallocate their cash flow for other strategic initiatives. Even though JCC never specifically asked for a TaaS solution, Summer recognized how it would solve their pain points. Therefore, she made a total solution technology-as-a-service recommendation that included what technology they needed and how they should pay for it.

Katherine presented to the JCC board Anuvision’s recommendation, explaining how an as-a-service solution like this removes the burdens associated with traditional ownership, addresses their concerns, and aligns well with how they operate today.

Katherine said:

“Even though we had the cash, this seemed like the better way to pay. It addressed our top concerns, giving us flexibility for change as well as the maintenance and support services we need. Now, if something goes wrong, we won’t have to shut down to find support or be left out to dry, we know where to turn to.”

The board approved the project and Anuvision worked closely with JCC to deploy and implement a beautiful state-of-the-art AV solution that included a 220” LED wall, microphones, camera, speakers, amps, mounts, live streaming capabilities, and more. They ensured JCC could optimize the solution to its full capabilities for their performances and outreach. Plus, they now have comprehensive maintenance and support services for the life of the solution. All of this was included in Anuvision’s Technology-as-a-Service solution for one predictable monthly payment.

TaaS provided compelling advantages an outright cash purchase could not offer JCC.

The Key Benefits This TaaS Solution Offered JCC

• Multiyear Maintenance & Support 

TaaS would provide JCC with consistent, ongoing support for the entire lifespan of their AV technology. Any technical issues or upgrades would be promptly addressed, ensuring uninterrupted performances and broadcasts.

• Obsolescence Protection

Anuvision’s TaaS solution includes an exclusive feature, a Solution Replacement Guarantee (SRG). At any time, if the solution no longer meets their needs or becomes obsolete JCC has the flexibility and peace of mind to upgrade to the solution they need without large capital expenses, financial penalties, or paying off balances.

• Preserve Donor Dollars

Although JCC had the financial resources to fund the project upfront, they recognized the value of having a predictable monthly payment and preserving their capital for other initiatives. TaaS allows them to allocate their donor dollars strategically while still enjoying top-of-the-line technology.

The Result

The implementation of the TaaS solution had a profound impact on Jacksonville Children's Chorus:

Enhanced Performances

The state-of-the-art video wall and audio systems greatly enriched the quality of JCC's performances, creating a more immersive and memorable experience for the audience.

Increased Awareness & Support

The improved performances expanded outreach and awareness of their mission. The innovative use of technology attracted new donors and sponsors, boosting JCC's funding and support.

Global Reach

The live streaming capabilities allowed JCC to broadcast their performances to audiences around the globe, significantly expanding their reach and impact.

Reinvested Capital

By opting for TaaS, JCC preserved important capital that could be reinvested in its core mission and other strategic initiatives.


JCC successfully upgraded its audiovisual technology infrastructure and achieved its main objectives. Through a more enriching, modern performance experience JCC has been able to build more awareness for its mission, expand its reach locally and globally, and attract new supporters and donors. This was made possible by the way they paid for the solution, changing from traditional ownership without support services to a use-based subscription with comprehensive multiyear support services. JCC mitigated their concerns and risk and built a strong relationship with Anuvision that will be mutually beneficial for years to come. JCC is now better equipped to continue its mission of nurturing young musical talent and enriching its community through the power of music.

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