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Project Overview - Delegate Advisors

Founded in 2012, Delegate Advisors is an award-winning independent wealth advisory firm located in Chapel in N.C. that helps clients streamline and achieve their financial goals. When Delegate began planning the building of their new headquarters in Chapel Hill, NC they knew creating spaces that would integrate well with this post-Covid era of hybrid working environments would be an important priority. This meant incorporating cutting-edge audiovisual technology and building out a variety of meeting spaces with all of the necessary capabilities for collaborating effectively through videoconferencing. Going into this project, Delegate was familiar with the technology-as-a-service model. They had utilized a similar procurement method with their IT solutions. The hardware, software, installation, and services with this AV solution were no different. Therefore, Delegate was intentional about seeking system integrators that could offer a valuable as-a-service solution for this AV project.

The Challenge

Delegate Advisors needed to equip their new office space with reliable, state-of-the-art video conferencing rooms and technology. Having done their due diligence, Delegate sought a system integrator that could provide them with a value-added as-a-service AV solution, similar to their IT services, so they could optimize their budget and scalability.

The Solution

Delegate Advisors found the ideal partner in Premiere Communications & Consulting, a Kane Company. While they made initial considerations to work with a competitor, it was Premiere’s ability to bring the exclusive as-a-service solution, powered by their partnership with TAMCO, to the table, that helped them close the deal. Premiere swiftly and effectively positioned their TaaS solution tailored to Delegate’s specific needs. This included multiyear services and additional flexibility, control, and peace of mind that large lump-sum cash purchases could not provide.

"We are in the financial services industry; we are always receptive to different strategies for utilizing our capital. To not have to absorb the AV technology as a large lump sum, but to have it packaged into a monthly subscription payment that included the necessary support services and added flexibility made the most sense for us. In the end, it was more important for us to have the support services and use of the technology versus the need for ownership." 

- Carolyn Christians, Director of Business Management • Delegate Advisors

The Key Benefits This TaaS Solution Provided 

• Expert Support

Premiere provided comprehensive support services, handling everything from installation to ongoing maintenance and technical support. This allowed Delegate Advisors to focus on their operations without the hassle of managing AV infrastructure.

• Scalability

The TaaS model supported Delegate's need for scalability. As their office space and technology requirements evolve, Premiere's solution includes a Solution Replacement Guarantee. Ensuring that the technology remains aligned with their needs as they change or grow.

• Flexible Budgeting

Premiere's TaaS model allowed Delegate Advisors to allocate their AV technology expenses more efficiently. Instead of a large lump sum payment upfront, they benefited from predictable monthly payments, enabling better budget control, financial flexibility, and the ability to reinvest their cash into other business needs.

• State-Of-The-Art Technology

Premiere's solution outfitted Delegate Advisors' new office space with state-of-the-art video conferencing rooms and technology. This technology-enhanced communication, collaboration, and client interactions, contributed to their reputation for innovation and client-centric services.

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The Result

Delegate Advisors successfully implemented Premiere's TaaS solution, transforming their office space into a dynamic and efficient environment for both in-person and remote work. The TaaS approach allowed Delegate to not just procure hardware and software, but a comprehensive AV ecosystem with important ongoing support and maintenance services. In addition, they were able to optimize their budget and utilize cash flow more strategically for the business. Premiere's swift response and ability to tailor their TaaS model to Delegate's unique needs positioned them as the ideal partner.

Conclusion • Goal Achieved

With this collaboration, Delegate Advisors is well-prepared to thrive in the post-COVID era of hybrid office spaces, leveraging the advantages of state-of-the-art AV technology without the financial constraints of a traditional upfront purchase ownership model.

By choosing Premiere's TaaS solution, powered by TAMCO, Delegate Advisors ensured that their office space was not just technologically advanced but also adaptable to future changes, reinforcing their commitment to innovation and client service excellence.

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