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TAMCO shows you how to apply the correct principles when analyzing leasing.
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Lease vs. Cash
Learn the pitfalls to a cash purchase & the benefit to leasing technology solutions.
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TAMCO Shield
OPEX leasing for unified communications equipment that puts you in greater control.
TAMCOnnect Plus
Profit Sharing Partner Program for Technology Solution Providers.   learn more
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TAMCO’s partner programs, TAMCOnnect and TAMCOnnect Plus, provide profit sharing bonuses and exclusive value.
TAMCOnnect is a partner program for companies who provide telecommunications, unified communications (UC), and related technology solutions to end customers. It is comprised of 5 key components designed to offer exclusive and valuable leasing products found nowhere else on the market.
TAMCOnnect Plus is a partner program that will share profits with certified partners and their sales teams who recommend leasing as a procurement option to their end customers. Receive all the benefits and value that TAMCOnnect offers with the added bonus offering at the front and tail end of every sale.
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"Working with TAMCO has been the best experience I've had with a leasing company in many years. Fast turn-around time and flexible options make it a pleasure to do business with the TAMCO Team."
-Will Coherd, Strategic Account Manager
"When it comes to support, urgency and relevance, TAMCO is far superior than any other lease finance company. They provide more innovation that translates into real customer value."
-Matt Pingatore, President
"We strategize with the TAMCO team early on with projects so we can provide more than just a technology solution, but an overall package to our prospects. TAMCO is a strategic part of our success."
-Russ Zieliezinski, VP of Sales
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