July 08, 2020

Practical ways to adopt the as-a-service revenue model

The concept of security as a service (SaaS) continues to evolve as the integrator, the security end-user and the marketplace looks at the process in ways that can better benefit all parties.

Historically, the transaction between integrator and customer has been – putting it in the simplest of terms – to spec and install a system, exchange a check and call it good, as illustrated in the nearby example of a solution sale. This is a commodity-based transaction that may have some service and support built in for a limited period; however, the ownership and responsibility of the equipment ultimately lies with the end-user, and the integrator’s team is then charged with looking for new customers and making the next sale.

Unfortunately, this type of transaction cannot accommodate key changes occurring in the marketplace. Among those changes, integrators are on a quest to build recurring revenue, and customers no longer favor ownership...

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