A partnership that pays a lot of money for technology solution sales

IT solution providers are tasked with no easy feat, to sell a commodity in a highly competitive industry. There seems to always be someone offering more for less which can crush your profit margins. We have been watching you battle it out for many years now so we came up with a solution to give you some relief. TAMCO designed TAMCOnnect Plus, a partner program for the telecommunications, unified communications (UC), and related technology solution providers who want to earn more for each sale, watch their profit margins thrive and take a break from the fight. You operate in a tough industry. Wouldn’t it be nice to optimize each sale and get more out of it?

IPC Technologies IT solution sales success


This Is How One Partner Earned
$26,600 With TAMCOnnect Plus

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Partner Renewal Profit Share

As a TAMCOnnect Plus partner, when you use a TAMCO OPEX lease product as a procurement option with your equipment sale, we share a portion of our profit margin with you at the time of renewal.


Increased Pull Through on Multi-Year Maintenance

Based on industry common sense and 20+ years of personally witnessing it happen, partners who position a palatable monthly payment option to their customers, have pulled through multi-year maintenance on up to 60% of sales. That's like a free profit margin growth for no added effort!


AE originating Sale Profit Share

Since account executives (AE) or technology solution sales professionals don't typically purse a career in sales hoping to only earn their base pay, we've added in an AE bonus. TAMCOnnect Plus partner AEs or sales reps earn a portion of TAMCO's profits at the time of the origination sale.

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  • Pulling through more multi-year maintenance 
  • The lucrative profit share available
  • TAMCO's exceptional support services

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