Apr 30, 2019 12:21:44 PM by: Jill Duran

There is no other product on the market that can be compared to Frontier Shield. It is an exclusive option that no other competitor can offer. It allows you to sell freedom and flexibility that lets customers stay at the forefront of technology.

Also, it is a great way to position technology in a low monthly payment and sell margin-rich services like support and maintenance with ease. When used in the sales process it can be a real differentiator. But, some sales professionals don't always have success when they try to incorporate Shield into their sales process. 

When Shield is not recommended correctly, it can end up falling short to your expectations. But, understanding the mistakes of others can help you avoid them in the future. These are the most common mistakes CPE AEs make that hurt their ability to win sales when trying to position Frontier Shield. 


Mistake 1: Offering Shield as an option opposed to a sole recommendation. 

Just think about how you sell the hardware. You go through a discovery process and make a recommendation. Giving customers options, especially options they are not familiar with, confuses them. Customers prefer recommendations from the on-site expert, a.k.a. YOU! You would never offer a buffet of technology options and ask, "which solution do you want." So, why do it with payment options. Use your recommendation on how to pay to show how it solves their business pain points like needing cash flow and avoiding owning antiquated technology.

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Mistake 2: Using price as a feature.

People will spend $5.00 for a small bottle of water when it is practically free from a faucet. With promises like alkalinity and electrolytes, there is an added value that is being sold that makes a consumer comfortable with choosing the added cost. The same concept used to sell water, the commodity of all commodities, should be applied to selling a commodity like technology. Leveraging Shield can help you do this. There is value in Shield that creates differentiation.  

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Mistake 3: Grouping & selling Shield as a lease with an interest rate.

Shield is not a lease. It is a subscription payment-model that keeps customers at the forefront of technology for a low monthly payment. If you are analyzing Shield and comparing it to loans and leases with interest rates you are completely missing the purpose of this payment option. 

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Frontier Shield - a payment option for voice, video, data, A/V, security surveillance, cyber security and any other related technology. Pay for equipment as a service and eliminate the risks of ownership.

Frontier Shield

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