Dec 8, 2018 9:58:03 AM by: Jill Duran

Frontier Shield, technology equipment as a service, payment option is a unique offering. It is not a lease and it's not a capital expense payment option. It is a way for customers to procure technology equipment without being tied down to hardware that can become obsolete in the face of business growth or market change. We asked some Frontier customers who recently chose Shield as the way to pay for their technology solutions, why they went with Shield. 

These are three responses that stood out to us, that we wanted to share with you, to help you better understand today's customer so you can add more value to you sale.

Frontier Shield

  1. 95% of the customers chose Shield vs using cash because they either...

    1. Preferred to preserve capital for revenue generating activities
    2. Prefer financing items like technology equipment
    3. Or did not have the capital to pay at the time

    Asking your customer important questions like "how important is working capital or cash flow" and "how do you usually procure technology and why" can put you in a position to make a strong procurement recommendation that will essentially preserve and protect cash flow and solve some important business pain points for them.  
  2. 75% of customers stated that they chose Shield because... 

    1. They preferred an operational expense (OPEX) lease over a capital expense lease
    2. Saw value in the Solution Replacement Guarantee (SRG)
    3. Or they preferred the flexible end of term options

    Shield gives you something valuable to add to a sale that no one else can offer. As a whole it is the smartest way a business can procure technology and there is no other payment option on the market that can compare apples to apples. 

  3. 94% were very satisfied with the processing and ease of financing they experienced with Frontier Financial Solutions. 
    The engine behind Frontier Financial Solutions, TAMCO, has been in this business for 25 years. Our processes are setup to make the financing process painless, but protect everyone involved. Things can come up, but a majority of the time we can walk you and your customer through the process with ease. Our experienced team comes with decades of knowledge and experience so you can close your transaction just as fast, if not faster than any other payment option chosen. 

Recommending a monthly payment option like Shield, may just be what your customer never thought of, but could have always needed. The demand in the market today is turning to the X as a Service or Everything as a Service model. More and more businesses are opting for monthly payment models when offered the option. But the biggest downfall we hear is that customers were simply not informed that such an option existed. 

Take the time to learn how to position buying options for your customer that have value. 

Frontier Shield - a payment option for voice, video, data, A/V, security surveillance, cyber security and any other related technology. Pay for equipment as a service and eliminate the risks of ownership.

Frontier Shield

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