Jun 28, 2017 8:42:00 AM by: Emily Smith

10.jpegAs a Frontier Communications sales professional, if you still have a one-time “box sale” mentality when positioning phone systems and other equipment solutions, BEWARE ... you are definitely missing out on additional revenue and limiting your own compensation. Bundling several years of maintenance and support coverage would obviously improve revenue, margins, and your commissions but it is nearly impossible to gain customer commitment when presented as an upfront cash purchase.

Work with your Frontier Financial Solutions team to do this instead … Bundle multiyear maintenance BUT position the entire solution as a monthly payment, and you can realize these benefits:

  1. Increase Profit Margins & Compensation

    Company margins and as well as your own commissions are higher on maintenance and support than on equipment sales.  Don’t leave this money on the table.  Make the valid case about the importance of maintenance and support and then make it easy for the customer to say yes in a manageable monthly payment.

  2. Build a Recurring Revenue Stream

    As you and the rest of the sales team position monthly payments with bundled support on more and more solutions, this becomes a great way to contribute to Frontier’s goal of growing reliable monthly recurring revenue.

  3. Create Customer Loyalty

    When customers commit to bundled maintenance that alone creates an element of customer loyalty.  Add to that the way a payment option like Frontier Shield contractually ties the customer to you for future solution upgrades, migrations, or renewals and you are well on your way to longer term customer relationships and additional sales opportunities.

If you are not familiar with Frontier Shield or you would like to learn more about turning equipment sales into recurring revenue opportunities, download FFS Shield.

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