Why Partner With TAMCO?

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If any of the following goals are important to you as a leader of a technology solutions business, TAMCO's Partner Program can help your organization:

  • Building Recurring Revenue.
  • Securing Higher Margin Sales.
  • Leveraging Marketplace Trends.
  • Creating Customer Relationships That Have Greater Lifetime Value.

TAMCO participates in industry conferences including InfoComm, ISC West, GSX, Total Tech Summit, and others.  And we have been part of the education, training, and panel experts at these events.  We are members of organizations like Edge, SIA, ASIS, AVIXA, PSNI, and other respected associations.  We partner with hundreds of integrators and have relationships with every type of organization involved in technology solution sales including manufacturers, distributors, rep firms, marketing and media organizations, merger and acquisition firms, and consultants.

We only mention these details to assure you that we understand the pulse of the marketplace and technology solution sales.  Since 1994 we have used that expertise to fine-tune our partner program and help integrators with tricky objectives like those mentioned above.

What Do You Receive As A TAMCO Partner?

We strive to continually find new ways to deliver value to our partnerships. While the list below is not complete, it helps most organizations get a pretty good sense of what they can expect from a partnership with TAMCO.

• Industry Exclusive TaaS Subscription Payment Program

TAMCO's Technology-as-a-Service program is an exclusive subscription solution offering with an added value unmatched anywhere else in the industry.

About TAMCO TaaS

• Blueprint To Succeed – The 8 Pillars To Pivot To Service Sales

TAMCO has developed an 8-pillar proprietary blueprint from our 30 years in the industry that guides system integrators to sell technology-as-a-service and pivot to a service sales model successfully. 

→ TAMCO's 8-Pillars To Pivot

• We Hand Hold Your Team Through Managing The 8 Pillars

You do not have to navigate adopting technology-as-a-service alone. Our team will work hand-in-hand with you, helping you implement the 8-pillars. Our team will match the dedication and effort your organization invests in making the pivot to a service sales model. TAMCO is unlike any other financial partnership in the industry. 

→ TAMCO Integrator Playbook - How To Make The Pivot To A Service Sales Model

• Comprehensive Partner Onboarding Process

TAMCO has developed a comprehensive new partner onboarding process to ensure your organization is well-equipped for technology-as-a-service sales success. Our goal is to give your team the resources, support, and confidence they need to succeed.  

→ Partner On-Boarding Process

• TaaS Sales Training & Enablement

Your TAMCO partnership includes required sales training along with discretionary further education sessions and sales support resources.

➔ New Partner Orientation
One-on-One Sales Team Introductions w/TAMCO Channel Manager
Modular Sales Topic Education Sessions:
     • Discovery & Positioning For Service/Subscription Solutions
     • Time Value of Money
     • Selling to the CFO
Customize Training Based On Partner Needs

• Tactical Sales Tools & Resources

As a TAMCO partner, you have key sales support tools, services, and resources at your disposal. 

➔ Dedicated Channel Manager
Proposal Review 
➔ TaaS Quick Start Initiative 
Customer Prequalification Service
TaaS Proposal Tool & Branded TaaS Proposal
Partner Portal

• TaaS Marketing Consultant & Resources

TAMCO partners have access to TaaS-specific marketing resources, tools, and collateral along with dedicated marketing support and consultative guidance for developing your TaaS marketing strategy.

TAMCO will collaborate on a variety of marketing  initiatives including, but not limited to:

➔ Marketing Content Development
     • Website, Social Media, Blogging, Email Marketing, & More
Sales Collateral 
Case studies (including YOUR Wins)
Press release assistance

➔ Customer/Prospect Educational Webinars
     • With prepared content for email, calls, registration page, reminders, etc
     • Webinar platform provided! Presentation provided! Presenter provided!

Customized Campaigns & Initiatives Developed on ICB
Public Resource Library
➔ Partner Exclusive Resources 

• Transaction Administration

  • Customer Prequalification Service
  • Customer Credit Processing
  • Customer Contracting for TaaS Subscription Agreement
  • Partner Communications Throughout Transaction Process
  • Bundled Services (support, maintenance, monitoring, etc…)
  • Administration of Pass Through Payment for Services
  • Advanced Funding Options (subject to approval)

• Leadership Collaboration

  • TaaS Quick Start Initiative Updates
  • Quarterly Sales Team Progress Reports
  • Quarterly Partnership Review
  • Compensation Structure Guidance/Feedback
  • ICB Collaboration

• Industry Networking Connections

  • Merger & Acquisition Firms
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Professional Services
  • Industry Associations and Consortiums
  • Distributors
  • Consultants
  • Manufacturers

What Is Required To Be A TAMCO Partner?

We take our partnerships seriously and must ensure our team and resources stay dedicated to fulfilling our promise of value.  Therefore, TAMCO requires two simple commitments from our partners.

01. Confirmed Leadership Commitment To Adopt a Proactive Service Sales Model

02. Nominal Partnership Commitment Fee (Select From Two Options)

Option 1: Partner Fee Is Paid Annually - No Reimbursement Guarantee
Make one annual payment per year. Not eligible for fee reimbursement guarantee. 

(For pricing please contact a TAMCO team member to learn more.)

Option 2:  Partner Fee Is Paid Monthly + Includes Reimbursement Guarantee
    • Partner pays a monthly fee
    • Guaranteed reimbursement of all monthly fees paid once $120,000 of funded transactions is reached each year (resets annually)

*Applicable Partnership Fees begin after the Leadership Alignment call OR immediately if transaction quotes are provided.

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