Mar 10, 2017 9:04:54 AM by: Jill Duran

Many organizations believe leasing has no value for them. They have plenty of cash or capital to purchase their equipment. Little thought is given to a smarter way to pay, especially with telecom technology. It’s accepted practice to lease equipment, such as copiers.

Here are 4 reasons why leasing voice, video and data equipment may be better for your company than other options.

1. First, a monthly payment helps you avoid large up-front capital outlay, and preserves cash for financial emergencies, or better yet, revenue-producing assets or projects.

2. Second, leasing offers payment flexibility. You can opt for monthly, annual, deferred or step-up payments. With cash, there is NO flexibility.

3. Third, depleting cash or capital, on a depreciating asset like technology, can negatively affect credit. Leasing, however, builds trade history and establishes a verifiable, usable credit rating.

4. Fourth, the true value of time is money. Even when ownership is the goal, because payments are spread over time, leasing is often the lowest-cost method for ownership.

So inform yourself, and make a sound financial decision on your next technology acquisition.

Frontier Shield - a payment option for voice, video, data, A/V, security surveillance, cyber security and any other related technology. Pay for equipment as a service and eliminate the risks of ownership.


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