Feb 7, 2018 2:25:58 PM by: Jill Duran

You can increase your CPE sales by 50 percent and it's quite simple. Take advantage of bundling in multi-year maintenance and software assurance. You receive quota credit on it and Frontier receives the recurring revenue. It just makes perfect sense for everyone.  

If you are worried about increasing the price, have no fear. When you recommend Frontier Shield as the preferred payment method you create a palatable monthly payment and can use the added benefits to sell on value instead of making the sale all about price. Plus you are six times more likely to sell multi-year maintenance (MYM) with a monthly payment option versus a cash payment.

Follow along in this infographic as we show you how you can increase your CPE sales by 50 percent. You can basically make more money and not have to do any added work! 

50 percent Increase in Your Sale - Blog Graphic.png

 2 Powerful Questions To Help Sell Multi-Year Maintenance

Begin selling more multi-year maintenance. Download this helpful guide that explains what two powerful questions you can ask during your sale to be able to present multi-year maintenance in a value-added credible way. 

2 Powerful Question Help You Creidbly Sell Multi-year maintenance

CPE Sales / multi-year maintenance

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