Apr 5, 2018 3:48:24 PM by: Paul Metzheiser

It’s simple, address a Frontier Shield pricing objection with a logical question.

First, Understand What The Objection Is Based On

The beauty about receiving a price objection when it comes to Shield is it’s not comparable to anything else in the market place. So if you do receive a "price is too high" objection after recommending Frontier Shield, respond with the question, "Compared to what?” You are looking for their measuring stick. Who and what are they comparing you to? Often they don’t have one.

...Shield is not comparable to anything else in the market place

Next, Have Confidence That There Is No Comparison It's Apples To Oranges

If they do have a reference point it will often be compared to a competitor that DID NOT include multiyear maintenance or software assurance. Having this support from the get go will force competition to have to catch up to you, not vice versa. Once you vet out where the comparison is stemming from it's usually one of those unsubstantiated objections and we quickly learn your prospect is comparing apples to oranges.

Apple among oranges

Understand Where & What The Objection is Stemming From

One of two things is going on:

  • They don’t see value in what Frontier Shield can provide,
  • Or they don’t understand what Shield can provide.

The customer's deflect objection is a money over money commodity mindset that has no value other than a perceived rate or monthly payment. Your Shield recommendation is a value payment that should be solving something through the multiyear maintenance at a fixed price, technology obsolescence protection, natural disaster coverage, and software assurance upgrades. 

Now, Start Solving & Selling Shield

Control and flexibility are the two things customers are looking for so they can manage their business and not be in the phone business. Now that you have identified their mindset or objection by asking a question, it’s now time to solve and sell the value of Frontier Shield.

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