Mar 28, 2019 9:06:00 AM by: Scott Morgan

01: The industry sees customer CPE solution preferences shifting to models such as:

  • As A Service
  • Hosted/Cloud
  • Subscription Agreements
  • Managed Services

Arrow-red-gray.png If ownership is less and less important to customers, how should this impact the way you sell solutions? (*Hint - stop offering ownership options out of the gate)


02: Understanding price, value, and differentiation. 

Arrow-red-gray.png Customers are so price sensitive these days that you must have the lowest price, right? 

 In fact, customers are willing to pay for the value and differentiation that your organization's solutions are based on.


03: Many account executives treat every sale as if it has an interest rate, but:

Arrow-red-gray.png Does a PRI invoice have an interest rate? Does a monthly cable bill have an interest rate? Does an apartment rental payment have an interest rate? Does a CPE as a service payment have an interest rate?


04: Watches sell for several dollars to thousands of dollars, yet they all tell the same time.

Arrow-red-gray.png Is it possible the spotlight could be better focused on value when it comes to CPE solution sales?


05: Do you think a patient expects a doctor to discuss, diagnose, understand their ailments, and recommend treatment?

Arrow-red-gray.png Do you think customers expect CPE solution providers to discuss, question, understand their needs and circumstances, and then tell them to pick from a bunch of solution options?

Are you wrestling with what seems to be the best answer to any of these questions?

It might be  time for you to shift your thoughts and adjust the way you offer technology solutions.  Reach out to your FFS contact. They can help you make small changes that will be helpful:

  • To you and your sales efforts
  • To your customer and their needs
  • To Frontier and its goals

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