February 09, 2015

TAMCO launched TAMCOnnect Plus on February 9, 2015, a new partner program for telecommunications, unified communications (UC), and related technology solution providers. Notable benefits of TAMCOnnect Plus include profit sharing and profit enhancement features that will significantly reward partner principals and their sales teams for incorporating leasing in technology solution sales.

“The Profit sharing component is powerful, but the hidden gem to TAMCOnnect Plus is the multiyear maintenance bundle opportunity. Support services are the highest margin item of most technology solution sales. However, based on our 20 years of experience, the average UC provider of premise and cloud based solutions only sells multiyear maintenance at the point of sale 15 percent of the time,” says Paul Metzheiser TAMCO’s EVP of Sales. “Today we have partners that leverage our bundle and positioning techniques to capture in excess of 65 percent of multiyear maintenance at the point of sale, often five years’ worth. TAMCOnnect Plus makes this even more attainable.”

In addition, TAMCOnnect Plus retains and builds on the value of the existing TAMCOnnect partner program which includes resources, services, and competitive advantages such as:

  • The differentiators of TAMCO Premise Shield and TAMCO Cloud Shield. Both are innovative operating expense (OPEX) leases exclusive to TAMCO partners.
  • A variety of advanced funding options affording partners immediate cash flow on lease transaction solution sales.
  • The ability to leverage decades of financial and technology expertise to advance sales opportunities.
  • TAMCOllege, a program that provides free continuing education focused on total solution selling.


TAMCO is now enrolling new and existing partner’s in TAMCOnnect Plus. To discuss partner enrollment please contact Scott Morgan TAMCO’s business development manager at (813)472-1572 or tamconnect@tamcocorp.com.

TAMCO is a telecommunications and technology leasing company offering OPEX and traditional financing options that empower partners to present a comprehensive solution to their clients. After two decades in the marketplace, TAMCO continues to deliver financing alternatives that are valued by customers and partner programs that contribute to the success of unified communication vendors across the U.S. and Canada.