April 22, 2014

LifeSize Flexible Leasing (LFL), powered by TAMCO, has announced 0% percent financing for LifeSize video conferencing equipment with SmartLease. SmartLease is a unique operating expense that allows customers to migrate to new technology without a financial penalty at any time during the term. It gives customers the greatest control and flexibility in an emerging technological market. It is a fact that customers appreciate the peace of mind when they are procuring a video solution, and especially when they are doing so for the first time.

LifeSize and TAMCO recognized that the video conferencing/collaboration and the industry were lacking some real value when customers purchase or procure equipment for business. Therefore, they developed SmartLease; a product that gave customers flexibility and freedom, while giving Value Added Resellers (VAR) a total solution they could recommend with confidence. Inherently, too many manufactures and VAR’s focus on the technology alone and do not give their customers a palatable and logical way to make their decision easy. Now customers can keep the working capital working and enjoy the benefits of video with the ultimate flexibility.

LifeSize Flexible Leasing is powered by Telecommunications Asset Management Company (TAMCO). TAMCO operates as LifeSize’s private label leasing company, offering LifeSize and partners who sell LifeSize equipment, financing options in order to sell a total solution. TAMCO has been in the technology equipment leasing business for 20 years, specializing in procurement programs for unified communication vendors in the US and Canada. TAMCO has seen the demand customers need for an OPEX procurement option, but only when they are aware of it. Businesses do not know what they do not know. A customer will not ask for this as a procurement option.