March 31, 2014

Telecommunications Asset Management Company (TAMCO) makes the procuring of equipment and endpoints needed to complete a cloud solution simple. TAMCO now offers an operational expense (OPEX) leasing program that coincides with cloud service. This financing program provides customers the flexibility of having the same contract term as their cloud service and rids the burden of having to purchase the equipment. Customers would align their cloud network service with this equipment leasing program and manage both, as an operating expense for greater control and flexibility.

Paul Metzheiser, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for TAMCO states, “We have closely watched cloud solutions evolve and so many providers leave it up to the end customer to figure out how to pay for the endpoints or equipment.” Metzheiser continues by saying, “Customers are looking for simplicity and we believe if our program is positioned properly, and is part of a total solution recommendation, customers will embrace it even more.”

Customers have the flexibility to align the equipment contract term with their service terms. Customers have the freedom to only use the equipment while it is useful. Also, the end customer is avoiding a depreciating asset and associated debt on the balance sheet. TAMCO relieves the never-ending contract worries by allowing customers to get the number of endpoints needed now and add as they go, without changing the end date. Maintenance support for the endpoints is available whenever they need it to ensure that the cloud system is always up and running. And lastly, the customer receives multiple end-of-term options. Return the equipment at the end of your initial term or renew the agreement and continue to use.

TAMCO has been in the technology equipment leasing business for 20 years specializing in procurement programs for unified communication vendors in the US and Canada. TAMCO has seen the demand customers need for an OPEX procurement option, but only when they are aware of it. Businesses do not know what they do not know. A customer will not ask for this as a procurement option. The cloud provider has the opportunity to create a total solution for the customer by recommending this type of OPEX financing program. TAMCO offers this OPEX program for customers working with approved vendor partners.